RuPaul's Drag Race Winner Inspires Asian Youth with Message of Hope


Nymphia Wind, first East Asian winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16, discusses her victory and upcoming plans.

Nymphia's coronation performance atop a Manhattan skyscraper showcases her bold talent and cultural significance.

Reflecting on representing Taiwan, Nymphia expresses gratitude for her mother's support and discusses the importance of Asian representation in Western media.

Nymphia shares her struggles with self-confidence and offers words of encouragement for those facing similar challenges.

Boba tea-themed lip-sync performance highlights Nymphia's national pride and creativity.

Balloon-filled coat adds flair to the lip-sync but presents logistical challenges backstage.

Strategically placed props during the lip-sync were intended for comedic effect, not sabotage.

Nymphia explains the inspiration behind her solo performance and its symbolic significance.

Rumors about Nymphia's relationship with fellow contestant Plane Jane are addressed with humor.

Nymphia reveals her voting choices for Miss Congeniality and discusses potential collaborations and plans for the future, including a call with Jane Goodall.

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